High Speed Doors

Hörmann High Speed Doors for Internal and External Use

Aable Roller Shutters (UK) Ltd is proud to stock, supply and install high speed doors from Hörmann – providers of the highest quality high speed doors currently available on the market.

These high speed doors are designed for use both inside and outside, allowing you to control and optimise the flow of traffic, improve environmental conditions inside your premises, and save on energy.

Reliable, Secure High Speed Doors

Aable Roller Shutter’s team of expert fitters will supply and install any of Hörmann’s high speed doors in your workshop, retail outlet or other business premises. The range includes vertical and horizontal opening doors, all of which are transparent and have a flexible curtain. We’re also able to combine high speed doors with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with spiral doors with smooth aluminium profiles.

Each Hörmann high speed door comes with a frequency converter control as standard, considerably extending the lifespan of your door’s working parts.

What’s more, the speed of Hörmann doors allows you to minimise temperature fluctuations, keeping the temperature stable (whether you want it warm or cold), and reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain a specific temperature.

We currently stock:

  • Hörmann V 2715 SE R High Speed Roller Door
  • Hörmann V 5015 SE
  • Hörmann V 5030 SE High Speed Door
  • Hörmann V 6030 SE Fast Action Door
  • Hörmann V 6020 TR High Speed Door
  • Hörmann V 10008 Large High Speed Door
  • High Speed HSS 7030 Roller Door
  • Hörmann V 3515 Iso
  • The Fast Door For High Temperature Changes

Learn More About High-Speed Doors

For more information on the Hörmann range of high speed doors, please get in touch with the Aable Roller Shutters team today. Simply call 0141 404 5475 and let us know your requirements.